Gift Authorship; You want some?

Disclaimer: The Blog-Post does NOT mean to Offend any person living or dead, with a hope that this post finds you in peace and harmony.




‘Want a promotion? Have some publications!’

It is completely understandable that everyone wishes to grow in life, be it in his/her career or else.

It is also completely understandable that sometimes people get lazy, or rather take things for granted, especially when everything they want is served on a golden platter.

But harping on someone else’s hard work? That’s a totally different level of laziness.


Someone, somewhere, put in their time and effort.

Worked day-in and day-out, planning, organizing and executing an idea.

And an another someone played the card of friendship or hierarchy.

Drowning in agony, spite and self pity, the hard worker will give in.


Why? The person should have stood up for himself!

How? No one wants a hindrance in their path. 


The whole culture and practice of bestowing someone with something which they claim to be theirs when they have not made any contribution towards it, is wrong.

And it is completely understandable if someone does not think on the same lines.

No pressure.

Someone will say, “We have done it, you should too.”

But why? Just because they had to do it?

The fact that this someone had to go through something like this should make him not want his subordinates to go through the same. 


But come on, who are we kidding!

We would still do it. Because, frankly, no one wants that extra stress of being called an ill-mannered, unkind, narcissist.

It is just a small thing, one article. What’s there to lose?

Your morals. Your principles. The fruits of your hard work. 


Someone will say, “Forget your morals, this is the way the world works. Deal with it!”

Why? Because no one wants to go through the deep waters alone.


Hence, a pseudonym, a gift, as it does not sound unethical, wrong or snatched. 



Have we failed as the Older Generation?

‘Everything will be alright’

Generations after generations have lived by this quote. But is it enough today?

As I look around, all I see are little children and young adults talking about the stress in their lives. Let me share an incidence.

An 8 year old walked past me in the streets with his friend. He was complaining about how difficult life had become for him! I was taken aback. To this you may joke, WHAT IS ALL THIS STRESS ABOUT, TABLES OF 8? But has anyone ever talked to these kids to actually understand what is the stress about?

Are the subjects in school difficult? Is anyone bullying you? Are you under some peer pressure? Are the goals set by your parents for you too much to cope with? Is there any other issue? I am certain that none of us have looked at the issue in this light, including me, until now.  How many of us have taught our children that:

‘Mistakes are a proof that you are trying’

Every child is different; every child has different needs. Some need to fed even at the age of 8 while some may be riding a bicycle at 5. As a parent, one needs to get this straight. And as a child grows, a time comes when a parent has to become a friend. I am lucky to have such parents with whom I can open about all my distresses in life, academic or otherwise. But not everyone is so lucky, I agree.

‘Keep looking up, there may be a rainbow waiting for you’

Stop it. Instead be the RAINBOW your CHILD is looking for. Let the child LOOK UP to you and NOT FEAR YOU.

As an adolescent, puberty causes enough chaos; a person doesn’t need nagging, he/she needs a helping hand; be that, understand. Stop pestering your child to become what you could not.


It is not that depression is common only young or the old or the middle aged. Every other day, most of come across some news about someone committing suicide. But why so? Has anybody tried to analyse this? Why has depression become so common? Why are people, especially the kids/young, committing suicide?


But aren’t we to be blamed?


A 2 year old today knows how to operate a mobile phone. Yea, obviously, they are smart! Sure they are, but is this the age for a mobile phone? Reminder, when did you receive your first phone? Please do not blame it on the SCIENCE. DO NOT say when we were small there were no mobile phones. Well, you could have done the same for your kids, deprived them of the (unnecessary) riches and taken up the responsibility to raise them just like your parents raised you, the right way. Why use an EASY ESCAPE?

These kids are stuck to their mobile phones! Couch potatoes!

P.S. Who gave them the phone? Ah sorry, it was Santa Claus, not you. My bad.  Who pays their bills or does the top-ups? Not you, the mobile companies. my bad, again.


Indeed. but mind you, Google works in all directions, good and bad. By the way, if you aren’t aware, INTERNET  ADDICTION is now a term. But yes, you aren’t responsible. The kid does what it wants to do, you can’t control that. No, no.

But if we don’t buy them what they want, they will go off-track!

My question is, did you? No? or May be YES.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Sounds beautiful but the journey isn’t. Teach the children that too. Tell them:

That it is OKAY to FAIL. There is nothing to be ASHAMED about.

It is OKAY to make MISTAKES. There is nothing to be EMBARRASED about.

That YOU are right HERE to HELP them in all walks of life.

That YOU don’t have to be like that OTHER KID. YOU are UNIQUE. 

That you LOVE them, NO MATTER WHAT.

BE the parent they NEED, not the parent that YOU ARE.


Incidence no. 18

A happy Sunday summery afternoon and a scary movie.

Me and mother decided to spend the afternoon watching a horror-thriller; post lunch, of course.

So, this movie ends with the lead female killing the male lead with a sword. I am sure you’ve guessed the movie now.

A soon as this end approached, I heard someone go ‘Haila’, the voice was my Mum’s, but her lips didn’t move. I can say this for she was sitting right in front of me and also, I confronted her after I heard the word.

Later, someone made a ‘pst pst pst’ sound, the voice was again my Mum’s, but she didn’t say word.

I guess it was more than the two of us watching the movie.


‘Ask me a Question’, Don’t.

The latest #Instagram sensation.

A medium to acquire some random details about random people. And medium to share random details about yourself with random people.

It is all fun and games until…

Until you realize that you don’t want to know more about anyone than you already know; that the details will only bring you closer to that person.

Until you realize that you are scared to expose yourself; afraid to lose yourself amidst all the games and jokes.

Until you realize that all the tiny little things suffocate you because you forgot to breathe the fresh air long ago.

Until you understand that you are not the person you used to know.

Incidence no. 17

I swear there was someone standing behind me, not once but twice, in the kitchen.

It was tall, in a black robe and cold.

Only, in the kitchen. It was probably hungry because I couldn’t see it anywhere else.

But the catch is that I was alone at home. Spooky!

The Locked Refrigerator

So I got talking to my Mother over breakfast today about random stuff and at that time i moved towards the refrigerator, opened the door, let the coldness flow and shut it.

Mother burst out laughing. She said, “You haven’t changed one bit.”

And now I had to know why! What was the story about the refrigerator.

And so she narrated the following.

When you we a kid, you’d sit inside the refrigerator during summers.

Inside. Yeah.

One fine beautiful summer day, the refrigerator door broke, all because of my beautiful child. Of course we got it repaired. But you couldn’t resist sitting in the refrigerator.

Mind you, the air conditioners weren’t a fad back then. And I have always been a hot blooded ‘social’ animal.

And so we decided to get a new refrigerator with a lock.

Because, darling, someone had to continuously keep a watch on you.

And if someone didn’t, we were scared that you’d be sitting inside the refrigerator and we would be searching for you everywhere around and we wouldn’t have found you and you would have been chilled to death. 


And then me and mother laughed till we cried.

I was a hilarious kid.

Don’t you think so?


God, Life and Religion.

Who is God?

A he? Or A she?

Does God have a name? An address?

Humans were made in the image of God. So does God live within all humans?

In the rich, in the poor.

In the healthy, in the cripple.

In the saint, in the sinner.

What about nature then? The plants, animals and all other creations; don’t these represent God?

What is God?

The idols we worship or those we don’t believe in?

The planets or the stars?

The air we breathe or the food we eat?

The eyes that see or the heart that feels?

Your parents? Friends? Children?

Or something we can’t see, feel or touch.

But a belief that it exists.

A power, higher than man, all seeing, all knowing.

Something that was there when there was nothing.

Something that will remain when there will be nothing.

What is life?

What is the purpose?

Why are we born, the most evolved, the all understanding yet the one who can be easily deceived?

Is there an afterlife? Do we reincarnate?

What is the truth? Does religion answer our questions?

Yes, it does.

Yet, so many religions. So many beliefs.

The greatest however, will always be Humanity.

What does it teach?

And what have you understood?

Are they the same?

It’s time to contemplate.

It’s time to introspect.

For life is but the labyrinth, the labyrinth that is the tunnel.

For God, is the light, the light at the end of the tunnel.

And religion, religion is the guide, the guide which directs through the tunnel.

Lemongrass Cooler

Lemongrass and the fragrance.

So, now that it is easily available in the market, let’s drink it up but not in a tea, as a coolant.

If your tummy doesn’t feel cool after this, I will be shocked.

Let’s begin.

  • Some lemongrass. Cut it small because the long leaves won’t fit in the container.
  • Place them in hot boiling water till it becomes green. Sieve.
  • You may add some honey (or sugar) while you allow it to cool.
  • Stir, stir.
  • Take a glass, add some chopped mint leaves now with a few drops of lemon.
  • Add your ‘lemongrass water’ to it.
  • Add some ice.
  • And drink.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Cucumber cooler

Cucumber is a natural coolant.

This is how you make it a little more tasty!!

  1. Clean the cucumber, as usual.
  2. Grate it.
  3. Place the grated cucumber in salt. It will juice out.
  4. You only need the juice now! Sieve it.
  5. Cool the juice and add some pepper.
  6. One doesn’t need to make it sweet, but if you want to, don’t hesitate.
  7. Serve with some ice.
  8. You can add mint to it, but avaoid if possible. Let’s not adulterate the taste of the cucumber!

The left over Cucumber can be used in many ways, example as a Raita, the recipe will be shared soon.

Hisbisucs Tea

Beat the heat with the Hibuscus tea!

All you need is the flower and it’s petals.

So here goes the recipe…

  1. Take the petals and place them in hot water till the color drains out.
  2. Take it off the stove.
  3. Add some honey, for sweetness.
  4. Now, sieve the water out and let it cool.
  5. Discard the petals, of course.
  6. Once cooled, add cinnamon powder.
  7. Serve cold.

I hope you like it!