Stairway to heaven

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With shaky legs and a thumping heart,

I stand,

I stand at the stairway to heaven.

My days have passed,

So soon, so fast,

I wait at the bottom, of the stairway to heaven.

Slowly, I climb, I see the light,

I fade, then I glow,

On the stairway to heaven.

A few hundred steps, illuminated, divine,

One at a time, I grow,

On the stairway to heaven.

Minutes, days, lives have passed,

For heaven isn’t for all,

I keep going forward,

On this stairway to heaven.

A time will come, when I shall reach,

Reach my heaven, and merge,

Merge with the light,

And look down at my journey,

On the stairway to heaven.



In a country like India…

Since a past few days, a thought keeps popping into my head every now and then…

What do people mean by ‘In a country like India?’

Is this a compliment or a subtle criticism?

When I think about the context in which this quote is used is mostly negative, describing the loopholes in the development of our country.

And what is more disturbing is the fact that these very words are most commonly used by Indians themselves!!!

I have failed, till date, to understand what are people trying to portray?

Yes, our country has its limitations but no country ever came to glory without trouble…

Yes, we are still fighting basic issues, but it is only when these issues are addressed that we will be in a condition to face more difficult tasks.

Yes, we fall behind in certain areas of science and technology but we also have produced some of the greatest minds in history and we still are.

Yes, we have to deal with the problems of poverty and illiteracy, but then these problems are present in the other ‘developed’ countries as well, to a lesser extent but they very much are.

Why can’t we, Indians, talk about what we excel in, our rich heritage, our successes, our efforts and our journey???

I, myself, am an Indian; born and brought up in this very nation and with a strong determination to die in India!!!


The Wicked Curve, Life.

Have you ever wondered how life would be if everything were easily achieved?
If everything was nothing but a straight line?
If all the paths and destinations were clear?
If every problem came with an easy solution?
If circumstances were never tricky?
If life was but a straight line?

Unfortunately, life is not so simple.
Life is eccentric.
Life is a curve.
And at times, life is a complete circle.

Circumstances are always going to be ever challenging. They will take a toll on ones’ sanity. And they will keep worsening at an exponential rate. At the same time, your answers will become more and more intricate and difficult to cipher.

Life, is indeed, a wicked curve…



The Previleged Poor!!!


Who is rich?

Who is poor?

What is it that defines these terms? Money? Standard of living? What?

Let me help you out a little…

Don’t think money does everything


You will end up doing everything for money.”


If you wake up with a smile, you are rich.

If you are happy with the work you do, you are rich.

If you have friends, you are rich.

If you have a family, you are rich.

If you have someone to love, if there is someone who loves you, you are rich.

If you sleep peacefully at night, you are rich.

If you are satisfied with what you have, you are rich.

If you are in harmony with yourself, you are rich.

If you are content with your life, you are rich.

If you laugh from your heart, you are rich.

If you feel empathy, you are rich.

If you believe in yourself, you are rich.

One doesn’t need a fat bank balance to be rich, no. This is a pure myth.

In fact with a bigger bank balance comes bigger responsibilities and tensions.

Many of you may say, I am rich, I party so frequently, I am happy and I sleep well too… but do you remember  the last time you woke up with a smile on your face and without a headache? The most common answer would be No.

Money cannot buy you happiness, it can buy you things that could make you happy, but does such a happiness last for long? No, we both know, it doesn’t.

Happiness cannot be bought. It comes from within.

Today, you, me, half of the world have the awesome-st gadgets and an internet access, everything is at our finger tips… but I would not hesitate to call us ‘The Privileged Poor’.

Yes, she has changed

Yes, she has changed,

Every bit and part of her…


Her skin shines now,

Her eyes glisten,

A smile lives on her lips,

She fears no pain.

Her hair is longer,

Her nose, pierced,

Her hips much slender,

Her touch, still tender.


Not that she has forgotten,

But she has forgiven the past,

For she has now realised,

Forever nothing lasts.


Her lovely heart now breathes,

When she looks at her man,

Her soul has new desires,

Her love has new plans.