A prisoner of habits

untitled (9).png

A prisoner of habits…

As he caressed her,

She bewitched

By his touch.



A pounding heart

She found her peace

In those arms.


In her warmth

Her defined his smile

Her cosy touch

Cascading his wonders on hers


That look in his eyes

The way,

His lips smiled

A new world, unfurled


The way she trembled

As his stare pierced her!

She knew

He was unmatched.


And then,

She wanted no other

Not tomorrow.

Not forever.


He brought her to him

The way she desired

With curtained eyes

Her sensations soared

Mesmerised by his touch,

Life couldn’t get any better.


He desired her

The way she desired.

And she, she defined his desires,

To hers!


And then they lay together,


Prisoners of habits

Them, both.


Both prisoners of each other!

As the moon shy off

Between the clouds.

Illustrious the sky,

Delusional stars,

They were, oh, so close

Yet.. miles apart.


Courtesy – https://awkwardearthling.wordpress.com/



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