A cup of vodka…

One October evening

When I met you on the way,

You invited me for a drink

Only a cup of vodka, is what you said.

It seems so harmless,

That one little cup,

It changed our lives, forever,

Those few millilitres.

We weren’t drunk, no no,

But the emotions did flow.

Beneath the starlit sky we sat,

Head in your lap, the world relaxed.

Then came storm,

So strong, so hard,

I couldn’t save myself,

My breath was lost.

You stayed where you were

And held me in your arms,

It made me so happy,

So charismatic was you charm.

We remained that way,

For hours so many,

Only to be woken,

By the summer before winter.

A night so warm,

That brought us together,

And so changed our lives, forever.

Thank you,

A little cup of vodka.


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