Horoscopes – true or false???

What is a horoscope??? Is it something that tells the future or is it something that just modifies the thoughts of a person so that he spends his day accordingly???

It is something to be thought about.

There is this peculiar habit that most of us humans have. Just as we get up from bed, even before having refreshed our minds, we run to the horoscopes.



Many of you might claim that you do not believe in horoscopes. But my dear readers, in order to believe into something you must have at least a glimpse of it. This is the very fact which proves that each and every one of us has viewed our horoscope atleast once in a lifetime.

For those of us who are religious followers of the horoscopes, like me, must have noticed that it is indeed an addiction. We know that most of the times what we read is what remains in our minds and we think about it all day and thus our days go accordingly. If you haven’t noticed this yet, then try it, you will automatically realise that if you have read something good you day turns out to be fruitful, your mood is cheerful and so your mind is relaxed and happy. At the same time if you read something bad then you will spend your day in sadness and everything seems to go wrong.

Now that you have thought about it, I would like you to think about this as well… Are the horoscopes based upon the stars or are our thoughts based upon what we read?

There’s a proof to this as well…

Once upon a time newspapers were the only source of this knowledge. But as of today, everywhere that you look around you will find a means to know your horoscope. Be it a newspaper as before or a website. It’s not only the means of gaining the information but the number of informants is also tremendous. Each and every one claims to be correct. This is the funny part. Different claims, different horoscopes. Does this mean that a single person has various ways of spending the day?

Well yes it does. It all depends on what you think after you have read the claims and throughout the day. If you cultivate this small habit of reading and forgetting then your day would go in a completely different manner. Trust me, I have tried and it works. All you have to do it let go. And this very much proves it that it is that first thought that comes in our mind when we wake up that modifies our days and not the horoscope. Be happy when you wake up and even if your horoscope claims to be bad, don’t linger to it and you will see that your day will go just awesome.

We often say ‘God knows whose face I saw early in the morning that my day went so bad or so good’, well it’s not the persons face which is bad, it is your thought that the face is bad and so your day was doomed. Similarly, horoscopes do not predict your days, your thoughts do.

So think good and live happily.



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