With the turn of the millennium, relationships have taken a turn as well.

They are not even close to what they were, just a few years back. With the advancement in technology, love and relationships are becoming electronic as well. That personal touch is gone. Its more about smileys and emoticons now. Those teasing looks and naughty smiles have faded. Now all you do is smile at a dumb screen. That desperate need to see your loved one, that feeling of a skipping heart beat, those tears of happiness, all vanished. Those special efforts, despite all difficulties just to see your better half smile, don’t know where have they all gone! Now, a photograph is all that is needed to make you smile, because after all that is all you have. Time is running, people are busy, busy even to take the efforts to meet the one whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Its a sad picture, but it is the truth.

I don’t say that feelings don’t exist, they do… but the crispiness, mirth, wickedness of a relationship doesn’t exist. The basic requirement to spending time together in reality and not in a virtual chat world is what is lacking. People claim to be together, but are they together is the real sense is my question. And the answer is ‘no’. Chats and phone calls don’t make up a relationship. Fear of losing, efforts to make it last, possessiveness and dominance, maturity as well as that little childishness, is all that matters.

In this time of competition, love has competition too. Observation proves it, attention is what people want. And in the absence of the same, people drift in whichever direction a little attention comes from. Attention doesn’t mean talking all the time or being with each other, but a sweet good morning and a beautiful good night, an occasional candle light dinner, a close dance, those mesmerizing whispers, romantic songs, little gifts, hugs and kisses, that is all. And without all this, a relationship is just a some boy with some girl, not a couple in love.

Today we are living in the fast forward phase, where everything happens at a tremendous speed. Relationship and breakups are a trend. Just normal stuff! If you have never been in a relationship in today time and life, you are probably the lamest person on this planet. This very idea is stupid in the real sense. It proves people have forgotten that patience is virtue and yes it truly is.

And with his little message I would like to conclude, “Take a break people, slow down. It’s no race, it’s life. Love it, live it.


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