Has morning arrived?

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Flying high in the sky,

With the breeze blowing my hair,

And birds all around

Below, the evergreen trees.


Passing through the forest

I see a blue river,

The water flowing hurriedly

Like a very strong shiver.


I see a deer, drinking water,

With his little one,

While the other animals

Were having a lot of fun.


Then came the end of woods

And I saw the calm sea,

With the seagulls dancing above

And the little fish flee.


Far across the sea,

I see a sky scraper,

Going it that direction

The image becomes sharper.


On the coast of the sea,

I see a couple of people,

A few performing Yoga,

And a few breathing deeper.


The Earth so wide,

With vehicles on her body,

Yes, morning had arrived

And so woke everybody.


Above myself, I saw a cloud,

A cloud so dark,

It wasn’t monsoon,

But came from a factory of lark.


The city so calm,

It looked at night,

But during the day,

It gave me a fright.


In the transition of my flight,

I see such different sights,

In confusion I remark,

Has the morning really arrived???




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