God makes mistakes too!!!

God made man in the image of himself, that one species which will never go extinct, a species that was hard wired in such a way that it could adapt to any challenge put forward by life on earth. Each and every piece of this intricate beauty, designed to fight the wraths of life.

However, despite so much care and complexity, he failed somewhere down the line otherwise there would not have been so much chaos on earth!

It is indeed heart breaking to see that something so pure being manipulated by petty desires and greed, so much so that all the divinity is now nowhere to be found.

Man was made to give birth to harmony and brotherhood on this planet, in the bargain what is happening today is completely opposite.

Every page of the newspaper, every news channel, now talks about the alarming rise in crime rate in every part of this planet. This planet, we call her Mother earth, but what are we doing to her? We are killing the children of her womb, smothering the ones with whom we shared her milk, taking life as per man’s own convenience. And the list of such brutalities is long.

How can someone who came into existence so recently become so devastating with such rapidity?

The Hindu mythology talks about four ‘Yugas’ – Satya, Treta, Dvapar and Kaliyuga.

Mythological it may be, but it rightfully describes the growth and prosperity of man as well as his downfall. It is said that today man is very close to entering into the kaliyuga. But do these actually exist? How could have someone described such an occurrence so early in time?

To answer that question, lets us take a look at the first line of this little write-up. ‘Man was made in the image of God.’

Men, so different from the men today, we closer to their purpose of life when life was in its infancy. It was these men who understood the treachery that lived in the crypts of mind and that sooner or later these would grow and overpower everything other sense of responsibility.

And that happened. We see it with our eyes on a daily basis, and somewhere we practice it too.

You might disagree, but how many of us get angry in day? All. That anger is enough to sow the seeds of vengeance in the ocean of ones’ mind.

It is the true nature of man, every man suffers with the disease of superiority complex. Everyone wants to be something, show his importance, but he fails to understand that every man is important in his own way, every one of us has a role to play, mouths to feed.

This is not why man, the most superior species, was created. Man, today, has forgotten his true purpose. And so, now, God has come to earth, to teach man (to mend his mistake), a lesson. God has come, in form of natural calamities, diseases and deaths, to show man that his creator is superior and that it is time now that he realise that there is a limit to his wrong doings, such atrocities will not be tolerated.

It is time that Man now begins to Understand this very fact.


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