Aged Innocence

They lived miles apart.

One day, they planned to travel the distances, to meet each other, for it had been a very long time.

When they finally met, somewhere midway, nostalgia washed over.

Tired, they decided the bodies needed some rest, even though the minds were running at the speed of a horse.

Can I sleep with you, I miss home a lot.

What do you mean by ‘sleep with you’?

You know what I mean.

She knew, he was messing with her.

Very funny. Ok you can sleep with me but you sleep at a full hand distance.

Yes ma’am.

And they slept, at a full hand distance. But neither could sleep.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, she felt a movement. He came closer. Cuddled. His chest to her back.

A soft whisper fell into her ears,

Will you be my girlfriend?

Why would you say that?

See, you know me well. And you know that I have been with a lot of girls but I have never felt so peaceful or complete, ever. And I want this to last. So, will you?

How long do you think this will last?


She faced him now. Mask faced. He anticipated anger, but to his surprise, she touched her lips to his and whispered,

Its late, lets sleep.

Burying her head in his chest, with a smile on her face… she slept.

Resting his chin on her head, with a smile on his face… he slept.

With a smile in their hearts.. they slept, peacefully, after a long long time.




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