To live or to survive?

Does living and surviving mean the same?

Does living for long years mean a survival? Or does survival mean living for long years?

If you answered as a yes, you are wrong. These two words, though intricately related to one another, do not have the same meaning.

One may survive, for ages but what is such a survival if he hasn’t lived?

One needs air in his lungs to survive, but one needs passion in his heart to live.

Anybody, free of an illness can survive but even a diseased individual can live.

You days of survival are not equal to the days you’ve lived.

However, if you content and happy with everything that you did during your survival, then you’ve lived.

If you die with a smile on your lips, you’ve lived.

If you die with joy in your heart, you’ve lived.

If you see happy faces around you while lying on your death bed, you’ve lived.

Survival of the fittest they say…

I say,

Live, and you shall survive, forever.



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