I don’t want my child to become a doctor

I came across this blog written almost a year ago, I suggest all of you to read it.

Here is the link.

To the author,

Respected Sir,
I was sincerely touched by your post. It took me ten years back in time, in 2006, when I was sitting with my parents and making a decision for life. It reminds of how my mother told me that I should take up commerce and not science, but 15 as I was, so adamant, I took up science because I wanted to be a doctor. My parents are very supportive, they supported me through out and today I am a doctor and am current pursuing post graduation.
As kids doing graduation, we aren’t much aware of the crisis around us.
The first time I got a glimpse of reality was during my internship when I was posted in that casualty and a man walked in with a knife.
Similarly, I became aware of how patients relatives lie when they want to hide their mistakes and put the blame on the treating physician. i.e. they bought a dead girl, said she has been unconscious after she fell of the swing, the doctor has to save her life, and then we saw a ligature mark on her neck.
I was baffled when my own friend was assaulted by a patient’s relative during his night shift, in the first week of post graduation. That has seriously left a mark on him as well as the people who know him.
I am very much in agreement with you that I shall not let my child become a doctor in India, just like my mother had a said some 10 years ago.
I don’t want to say it, but I got into this profession to help people, now I look at myself asking for help. And somewhere deep down I do regret not listening to my mother. I wish my child listens to me.
Thank you for writing this blog.


Dr. Maheshi Chhaya.



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