Are they real?

Have you ever wondered why do you dream?

IMG_20130723_211828What are these dreams?

Story from a different lifetime? Future events? Or a mind game?

A conscious effort? Or a subconscious picture?

It is said that you dream what you think, but many a times we don’t dream what we think. In fact, we dreams of things we have never thought about.

But is that true? Are we sure that we have never thought about that particular event?

Our subconscious is a tenacious bundle of chords. Its stores a lot, a lot of things, things that we have no clue about.

Heard about the term Deja vu?

Where does that feeling come from? The Subconscious.

The harsh reality of the past that lives deep within beyond the reach of you and me.





16 thoughts on “Are they real?

  1. yes dreams do hold a lot of hidden things which we still don’t know. But our curiosity about them is also immense and hence we are drawn towards knowing more about next blog is on dreams as stop by..


  2. I personally feel we dream about things we have heard or felt, some of them on a subconscious level. The mind soaks up far more than our ability to think about right away. When we dream about those things we see, but don’t think about it right away, it is the mind’s way of getting that information to us.

    Or maybe not.



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