Incidence no. 1

It was a mid summer afternoon, sunny, I clearly remember.

I was sitting in my room, studying, for my exams were nearing.

As I prefer studying in natural light, I had opened up the windows. Also, I kept the door open, ventilation was needed.

It was a complete dry spell. No wind at all, not a single leaf moved.

In the midst of my wandering through the pages, my door creaked a little, and then shut with a snap.

A door shutting with a snap on a day without wind, got me wondering.

I didn’t bother at first, but I couldn’t concentrate later.

And so I tried to experiment. I said,

“You shut my door, but I like it open, could you please open it for me?”

And it opened, little at first and then completely.

Trust me, I couldn’t study for days.


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