Incidence no. 2

Again, it was a mid summer afternoon and I was travelling home from work.

I was waiting at the railway station for my train to arrive. There was no one else with me to board the train. I got in my compartment and was looking for a place to sit. t was all empty, so I had ample of choices.

And then, my head turned left. There she was. Sitting at the window and smiling at me.

Her eyes we jet black like coal.

Her face was white as milk.

Her lips we blood red.

Her hair all messed up.

And she was staring at me. A daunting stare. It was pulling me towards her.

I don’t know why but I turned left, I sat next to her.

It is an old myth that ghosts have inverted feet, so I tried to glimpse of her feet. But they were covered, with her sari.

I avoided her gaze all the way, and I prayed that someone else please board the train.

But no one did. For two long stations, no one did. Neither in my compartment, nor in the adjacent ones.

Finally, she stood up and walked towards the doors. And she turned around, looked at me again with a wicked smile on her face. My heart raced at a speed of 200beats/minute.

The trained stopped at the station. The third station. She got off.

2 other people got in.


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