Incidence no. 7

I was getting late for work. All hassled up, I go to my dresser.

Searching for my comb, I bend down.

When I straighten up again, what I see in the mirror is astounding.

It is my own reflection, but it seems different somehow.

Just as I am trying to figure out the difference, this little one comes and hugs me from behind.

He says,

“Didi (older sister), can you make me some bournvita? I am hungry.”

I rush to the kitchen and make him a mug full of bournvita.

He drinks it, relishing.

And I wake up.

I haven’t seen him since.

It is not always a she.


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  1. Samir says:

    I did not find the DM option of your Twitter account enabled so commenting here. I am on Twitter as @peacewithsamir. I am also a Reiki master of USUI tradition. Nice to see that you too are practicing it. Do you think Reiki can answer all such incidents 🙂 Peace


    1. Yes, I think it can. But certain things are beyond explanation.


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