Today, when I look back at the situation I was in a year ago, I smile to myself because I survived. Life has changed amazingly in the past calendar year.

The journey has been overwhelming, a metamorphosis, from a girl into a woman. 

Challenged with difficulties at every step, from a tiny hurdle to a immovable mountain, I have grown.

Nothing much has changed, I am still me but at the same time nothing resembles the way life was a year ago. Everything I that I believed would last long, has perished.

The recklessness in me has gone, far away. I don’t take hasty decisions anymore. Irrational reasoning has turned into rational thoughts.

The priorities have changed. Family first. Always.

I have become a little more focussed towards myself, unlike what I was before. My ambitions have soared, my dreams have flourished.

My view of situations has changed. I feel a little mature, though the child in me still lives, I have learned to understand things in a different manner.

My outlook towards life has changed. My wants and desires are less selfish. I feel free of materials, my needs are more emotional.

Everything has changed and yet, I am still the same.


2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis!!!

  1. The transition from girl to woman is difficult and I think it happens when we don’t even realize. I’ve been going through this myself for the past year. I’m finally grasping the fact that I’m a woman now, my priorities are shifting. It’s wonderful and scary. It’s great you can reflect on yourself and your growth, I think self reflection is a sign of becoming a woman. Great post! 🙂

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