Mind Games

Reality isn’t what we see, but what we understand.

In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to observe a lot of people, people belonging to various strata of the society. However, the one thing that has deeply embedded my mind is the fact that everybody is different and yet, everybody is the same.

I was sitting peacefully, in a corner, observing the lot before me.

A mixed crowd, it was.

Some sad, burdened with the burden of life; some happy, cherishing the fruits of life; some focussed, some disturbed. However, if observed carefully, they were all one, brought together with the same desire, the desire to have more, to have something different, to grow, to prosper. A cohort of the thoughtfully abled but wilfully disabled individuals, kneeling in front of Thee, asking for more, lot more than what they had.

Greed has been an emotion known to the mankind since when it came into existence. We all want more of this and more of that. Greed is that one feeling which binds us all. Divided by these worldly boundaries, religion and faiths, we are all the same, hungry and greedy.

 You may think that you are not greedy, but every time you look up to Him and ask for something, you are being greedy.

A thought keeps visiting me every now and then,

Why the Greed to Get, why not the Greed to Give? Why are we so bound to our materialistic lives? Why not share what we have? Why are we so selfish?

Why are we what we are?


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