A mood swing???

I have absolutely convinced that almost all of you have gone through it, the phases! 

Everything goes smoothly till one fine day you just lose it, your calm, your composure. The emptiness fill you up, to the brim. And you do not know why! You are cranky, frustrated and tired of everything around you, within you.

Some might call it a mood swing, but I am not sure if that is the correct nomenclature. 

So bored at times, that you don’t even want to indulge in your favourite pass time. You don’t want to talk to anybody, just want to be left alone, aloof form the world. A sudden desire to get away from the hocus-pocus and rest, peacefully, in the Himalayas. A phase where solitude is your only aim in life.

 A chaos!

A self loathing, miserable sort of a time.

Precarious, disturbing.

A gloomy cloud, engulfing, for a reason unknown!


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