Incidence no. 12


6.30 p.m.

No ones home, but me.

Studying, finishing my  syllabus for my Thursday presentation, I, in my room.

Easy distractions, here and there, I get up, thirsty, thinking, ‘May be I will make some tang for myself’.

Filling myself up with a glassful of tang, I head back to my room.

Peripheral vision, a bitch they say, makes you see thing that don’t really exist.

I see a shadow, sitting on my couch.

I curse the peripheral vision and get back to work.

But something, some unknown, unfathomable energy makes me  look up, to the couch.

And there she is. A very normal looking lady. Middle aged, petit, slender. A white sari with brown floral print. Staring right back at me, smiling. Sitting, immobile.

Me, taken aback, standing at the other end of the passage, staring, trying to grasp what was happening.

She gets up. Turns to her left, facing the main door. Slowly, she walks towards it. And I walk, towards her.

Just as I cross the passage, reach the place where she sat, she moves out, through the shut door.

No, I don’t go open the door. I am not an idiot. I look at the couch, the sheets are creased, the foam is compressed.

An imaginary figure or reality, that is the question.


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