The World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development, 2016, Bangalore!

Where do I start!

As pharmacologists, the idea of a world congress on drug discovery and development, along with the presence of eminent personalities like our honourable President and Prime Minister, lured most of us into taking a trip to Bangalore. As an excited student, an amount of rupees 4.5K didn’t seem much back then. But now, I can undoubtedly say that we got duped, with respect to both time and money.

Going back a few months, the first time the congress got announced on the web, the pharmacological society was thrilled. Something new in the market! Too much enthusiasm! New studies were started, completed and drafted for presentation to the congress, in the hope of an amazing audience. Here, a little praise for the marketing skill of the web developer as well as the organizing committee requires a mention! Bravo!

Everything said and done, the programme schedule was no awaited. It came, yes, it did; a week before the meet. It was then when people realised that ‘The World Congress on DRUG Development and Discovery’ was amalgamated with a Conference on ‘Gerontology and Geriatrics’. Ouch! Too late to back out now! We were also informed that the schedule was different than the one posted on the web, so we need not worry. Lies!

We, as doctors, don’t mind learning something about old age and related problems, no. What we do mind is being misinformed about the actual purpose of the conference! Still, we attended.

Keeping aside all the chaos, the lectures were scheduled from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There was no breakfast on day 1! On days 2 and 3, we did have some tea and cookies. What a relief! The lectures mentioned in the schedule were not the same as the one being addressed. Lie no 2! Also, the paper and poster presentations went alongside with the guest lectures in other auditoriums. Thus, all those who wanted to listen to the guest talks, did miss a few of them.

Let us now talk about the chairpersons. With all due respect to the chairpersons for the presentations, a person informant of a particular subject as a chairperson for a particular session, would’ve been immensely appreciated.

Well, finally, with all the issues mentioned above, the 3 days did come to an end. But they ended with a bang. Credit hours!

As most of us are aware, that every state and every country has its method of writing registration numbers of their doctors. The organizers failed to realise this and made a mess of all the certificates, which of course they had to reprint.

Hence, it wasn’t that great a waste, we at least got credit hours and an up-gradation in our CV. But, if I were asked to attend the same conference being held in Kolkata in 2107, I would think a hundred times, in fact more than a 100 times!!!


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