Doctors – the Vulnerable Elite!


March 12th, 2017.

Not such a ‘Happy Holi’ after all! While the entire country was trying to burn evil, the devil was burning a Doctor, the one they call God-like.

11 p.m.

Dhule, Maharashtra.

A young man was brought to the government hospital which lacked the facility of a ‘CT scan’ and was asked to be taken to another hospital which had the required facility that could save the man’s life. Outraged, by the absence of the machine, the crowd broke out and bashed the doctor, with rods and bars. Poor doctor, the saviour, failed to defend himself. No one, not even the relatives of the patients who he had treated came forward to help him. Brutal, cruel, inhuman act of violence led to loss of an eye for the doctor and the life of the patient.

Who, here, was at fault?

The doctor?

The relatives?

Or the Administration which could not provide the required machine?

Whoever it may be, it was the Doctor who faced the mob.

Sunday, the 12th – Sunday, the 19th

Nearly 6 to 7 episodes of attacks occurred all over the state of Maharashtra.

This wasn’t the first time. Incidences of such violence had been etched in history, since time immemorial. However, no action has been taken, whatsoever, till date.

In such a situation, how is a doctor supposed to protect himself???


March 19th, 2017,

Maharashtra, India.

The day, they realised, only they could save themselves, scared, at total of 4500 doctors in the state called in for a ‘Mass Leave’, not a strike (as represented by the media), for they knew that no one else would come to their rescue.

And voila! What a determination to put them in the ‘Bad Light’!

Dragged into the High court, expelled, insulted by the ministers, misled by the authorities, negatively portrayed by the media, Handicapped by the pressure but united, they continued the fight for 6 long days.

Their demands were only Security, on ground, no more assurances.

  1. Increase in the number of guards
  2. An alarm system and
  3. A pass system for relatives.

Was it so difficult that they had to wait for 6 days so that the Government would fulfil their demands? Apparently, yes.

This fight isn’t new. .

Why did it take so many years and so many wounds to make the authorities realise that the Doctors have a right to security as well?

Why has the government been so adamant?

Why don’t the people support?

Why is the media so against?

The questions remain unanswered.

Though the government has agreed to the terms, for how many days will the security remain?

Will the doctors not be attacked again?

Will the alarms function?

Will the people obey with the pass system?

Let’s wait and watch!