The Locked Refrigerator

So I got talking to my Mother over breakfast today about random stuff and at that time i moved towards the refrigerator, opened the door, let the coldness flow and shut it.

Mother burst out laughing. She said, “You haven’t changed one bit.”

And now I had to know why! What was the story about the refrigerator.

And so she narrated the following.

When you we a kid, you’d sit inside the refrigerator during summers.

Inside. Yeah.

One fine beautiful summer day, the refrigerator door broke, all because of my beautiful child. Of course we got it repaired. But you couldn’t resist sitting in the refrigerator.

Mind you, the air conditioners weren’t a fad back then. And I have always been a hot blooded ‘social’ animal.

And so we decided to get a new refrigerator with a lock.

Because, darling, someone had to continuously keep a watch on you.

And if someone didn’t, we were scared that you’d be sitting inside the refrigerator and we would be searching for you everywhere around and we wouldn’t have found you and you would have been chilled to death. 


And then me and mother laughed till we cried.

I was a hilarious kid.

Don’t you think so?



Yes, she has changed

Yes, she has changed,

Every bit and part of her…


Her skin shines now,

Her eyes glisten,

A smile lives on her lips,

She fears no pain.

Her hair is longer,

Her nose, pierced,

Her hips much slender,

Her touch, still tender.


Not that she has forgotten,

But she has forgiven the past,

For she has now realised,

Forever nothing lasts.


Her lovely heart now breathes,

When she looks at her man,

Her soul has new desires,

Her love has new plans.



A cup of vodka…

One October evening

When I met you on the way,

You invited me for a drink

Only a cup of vodka, is what you said.

It seems so harmless,

That one little cup,

It changed our lives, forever,

Those few millilitres.

We weren’t drunk, no no,

But the emotions did flow.

Beneath the starlit sky we sat,

Head in your lap, the world relaxed.

Then came storm,

So strong, so hard,

I couldn’t save myself,

My breath was lost.

You stayed where you were

And held me in your arms,

It made me so happy,

So charismatic was you charm.

We remained that way,

For hours so many,

Only to be woken,

By the summer before winter.

A night so warm,

That brought us together,

And so changed our lives, forever.

Thank you,

A little cup of vodka.

The first time I saw you

untitled (8).pngIt seems just like yesterday but in reality its now been almost three years since I saw you for the first time.

I never thought we would get along so well, neither did I anticipate that it wouldn’t last for long.

Its really funny, I can still recollect the date.

1st June, 2013.

You were there, standing in the veranda, noticing the sky. Your lady love was right beside you, playing your favourite songs. And I was there, right across you wondering who you were. Since you looked into my eyes that very morning, something changed. That one time you held open the car’s door for me, not knowing who I was, is still carved deeply in my memory. And which boy uses a pink cover for his phone!? The way all others were playing round in your car, the way climbed the little hillock, the way you offered food to all the girls around you first, that politeness and chivalry, I noticed it all.

But, its quite unfortunate that you didn’t notice me till that Sunday in August when we officially met for the first time.

As fate would have it, those few months were the best days of my life. every moment was full of happiness, every heartbeat alive.

And now three long years have passed since that first day. And I don’t even remember the last time we spoke.

Whatever it was, it was worth it. No regrets.

And as it rightfully said, nothing lasts forever… just like we didn’t. Exactly like we didn’t.