‘Ask me a Question’

The latest #Instagram sensation.

A medium to acquire some random details about random people. And medium to share random details about yourself with random people.

It is all fun and games until…

Until you realize that you don’t want to know more about anyone than you already know; that the details will only bring you closer to that person.

Until you realize that you are scared to expose yourself; afraid to lose yourself amidst all the games and jokes.

Until you realize that all the tiny little things suffocate you because you forgot to breathe the fresh air long ago.

Until you understand that you are not the person you used to know.


God, Life and Religion.

Who is God?

A he? Or A she?

Does God have a name? An address?

Humans were made in the image of God. So does God live within all humans?

In the rich, in the poor.

In the healthy, in the cripple.

In the saint, in the sinner.

What about nature then? The plants, animals and all other creations; don’t these represent God?

What is God?

The idols we worship or those we don’t believe in?

The planets or the stars?

The air we breathe or the food we eat?

The eyes that see or the heart that feels?

Your parents? Friends? Children?

Or something we can’t see, feel or touch.

But a belief that it exists.

A power, higher than man, all seeing, all knowing.

Something that was there when there was nothing.

Something that will remain when there will be nothing.

What is life?

What is the purpose?

Why are we born, the most evolved, the all understanding yet the one who can be easily deceived?

Is there an afterlife? Do we reincarnate?

What is the truth? Does religion answer our questions?

Yes, it does.

Yet, so many religions. So many beliefs.

The greatest however, will always be Humanity.

What does it teach?

And what have you understood?

Are they the same?

It’s time to contemplate.

It’s time to introspect.

For life is but the labyrinth, the labyrinth that is the tunnel.

For God, is the light, the light at the end of the tunnel.

And religion, religion is the guide, the guide which directs through the tunnel.


With sparkles in her eyes

And a smile on her lips

There she goes


With a somber heart

And a peaceful sorrow

There she goes

There’s no tomorrow.

A scream in the mind

An etch in the soul

There she goes

To a home so old.

The breeze in her hair

The bounce in her walks

There she goes

Where no one talks.

The Sunset

An evening, mid monsoon, mid July, when the shadow overcast had taken a break, they spent the evening, under the setting sun.

The scorching heat burnt their skins while the cold breeze calmed those burns.


They waited for two hours, two long hours, to watch the sky glow.

Behind the grey clouds, the sun remained shy, it rays touching the water, like sparkling diamonds over the horizon.

Golden to yellow, yellow to red, the colors kept changing, painting the sky in colorful abundance.

The dark blue sky, the burning white clouds, the sound of the ways. Mesmerizing. Tender.

They lived the moment, in divine silence.



A Gift, Unexpected.

Satisfied, she wakes,

Corporeal, her happiness,

Memories, of the previous night,

Wonderful, marvellous,

Bare intentions, serpentine,

Thirst quenching,

In a draft of emotions,

She lays, observing,

A heart, hitting the ribs,

Heaving, rhythmically, a chest,

Naked, unguarded,

A shoulder, contoured,

Perfect, responsible,

A recurring thump, carotids,

A face, so calm, dreaming,

Harmless, Innocent,

An unintentional desire, raw,

A forever, in a moment,

She smiled, content,

Unaware, poor girl,

A purpose, mischievous,

A future, disastrous.