Incidence no. 16

It’s been a few nights since I have been waking up in the middle of the night, usually around 2 and 4, for absolute no reason. And as habit guides, obviously one has to visit the restroom and drink water. 

Everytime I enter the kitchen, I hear a howl followed by a shrill cry. And then, the dogs start barking. And it is scary! 

Every night. 


Stop following me… (Incidence no. 14)

A few days have passed since my  re-encounter with the smell.

Putrifying and rancid. Purely, rotten meat.

Months ago, I was at my aunt’s place when it happened first. The night was restless and cold, as I slept on the new bed. 

Twisting and turning, I tried to make it to morning when I finally got that smell, right next to me. I hoped that increasing the Fan’s speed would make it dissipate. Well, it didn’t. It persisted, till early morning.

Note: There was no meat in the house.

A similar smell was right next to me, at home, in my bed, to my right. It came out of nowhere and stayed. 

It was horrible.

A few days back, I asked my fellows at work if they got a wierd smell, well they didn’t. 


Incidence no. 13

I wonder why do such things happen in the night! Anyways…

I was fast asleep, in my dreamworld, when I heard her scream,


The fear in that scream was palpable. It was my mother’s voice.

I got up with a start just to find my mom sleeping peacefully. What a relief!

Just a bad dream, I thought and I went back to bed.

And just before I was about to enter my dreamland, someone whispered in my ear,

“That was fun, wasn’t it?”

Incidence no. 12


6.30 p.m.

No ones home, but me.

Studying, finishing my  syllabus for my Thursday presentation, I, in my room.

Easy distractions, here and there, I get up, thirsty, thinking, ‘May be I will make some tang for myself’.

Filling myself up with a glassful of tang, I head back to my room.

Peripheral vision, a bitch they say, makes you see thing that don’t really exist.

I see a shadow, sitting on my couch.

I curse the peripheral vision and get back to work.

But something, some unknown, unfathomable energy makes me  look up, to the couch.

And there she is. A very normal looking lady. Middle aged, petit, slender. A white sari with brown floral print. Staring right back at me, smiling. Sitting, immobile.

Me, taken aback, standing at the other end of the passage, staring, trying to grasp what was happening.

She gets up. Turns to her left, facing the main door. Slowly, she walks towards it. And I walk, towards her.

Just as I cross the passage, reach the place where she sat, she moves out, through the shut door.

No, I don’t go open the door. I am not an idiot. I look at the couch, the sheets are creased, the foam is compressed.

An imaginary figure or reality, that is the question.

Incidence no. 11

Ever sat ALONE in a Library?

I was, a few days back, preparing for my group activity.

It was just past noon, people had gone out for lunch. As I didn’t feel very hungry, I waited back.

That was a mistake.

All quiet all around, not a sound but that of my breath.

I was pretty sure no one came in, as I sat facing the door.

Then I saw, this figure, walking past, behind me. I saw it in the reflection on my glasses.

I turned around, there was no one, but only me.

Incidence no. 10

We were done with all the chores for the day and were headed to our respective rooms.

It was around 10pm.

Bidding goodnights, we just turned around, for no reason, to face the kitchen window…

There she stood,

Brown eyes, red lips and white flowing hair.

She looked us in the eye and said,

“Let me in, kids!!”

We did.

She was our landlady.

Incidence no. 9

The Store Room

Our new home has a store room which is locked and we have been instructed not to open it at any cost.

As it is a rented apartment, we think it will be good if we listen to the owner.

She says they are valuables stored in there.

The Incidence

One late evening when we were busy enjoying music and making dinner, we heard a knock. We checked the door, there was no one at it.

There was  knock again, only this time we realised it came from within the house.

From the store room.



Incidence no. 8

It is 3 a.m. on a December night…

Scene 1

Nature calls.

I wake up to go receive the call.

All doors and windows in my house are shut and my roommate is asleep in her room.

Halfway through my business, a door opens somewhere, slowly with an eerie sound.


Do I move out of the bathroom or not?

Finally, conjuring up the courage, I open the door.

And I scream.

Scene 2

I wake up.

I need to go to the loo.

My friend’s room is shut. She is sleeping.

There is no one else in the house.

Everything is silent.

I can hear the clock ticking.

And then, I hear the flush.


I am looking at the washroom door waiting for it to open.

And when it opens, I scream.

Scene 3

Now we are both looking at each other and laughing.

Nature can play tricky games.

Incidence no. 7

I was getting late for work. All hassled up, I go to my dresser.

Searching for my comb, I bend down.

When I straighten up again, what I see in the mirror is astounding.

It is my own reflection, but it seems different somehow.

Just as I am trying to figure out the difference, this little one comes and hugs me from behind.

He says,

“Didi (older sister), can you make me some bournvita? I am hungry.”

I rush to the kitchen and make him a mug full of bournvita.

He drinks it, relishing.

And I wake up.

I haven’t seen him since.

It is not always a she.