Who are you and who am I?

A mere body, a soul in disguise.

The clouds and the rain,

The fear and the pain.

The rainbow in the sky,

The relief in every sigh.

The pebble and the stone,

The queen and the drone.

The sun and moon,

A little late but yet soon.

The dream and the desire,

Something earthly but higher.


Another ‘Torrential Tuesday’???

It’s been more than a decade since Mumbai was faced with the trauma of floods. Is today another 26th July, 2005?

Pouring, like it won’t stop, these rains.

A fear rises in the minds,

Let it not be another flood! Not again, not this time.

The stranded past, flashes;

The cries of the babies,

The sighs and the dread.

Again a high tide, twice in a day,

Again the merciless clouds,

Again the tearing pain.

The walking on the tracks,

The staying back at offices,

The zero communication scenario.

Not again, not this time.

Oh please, not again!

Pensive of Karma

Bit by bit, it fills,
Deed by deed it fills,
Your pensive,
Your pensive of Karma.
A little tilt here,
A little tilt there,
It floats,
Balancing itself.
Weighing positive at times,
Weighing negative, mostly,
It sways,
Your pensive of Karma.
You will have to answer,
Oh yes you will,
If you can’t keep it still,
Your pensive of Karma.