A Doctor’s Life, A Paradox

Man is a funny being, he worships God in his happy days and curses the same God when faced with adversities. And just like that, you love your doctors when you get all well but you curse them if they fail to treat your incurable disorders. They are not Gods, no. But you, you gave…

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Google doesn’t know it all…

Google, the fantastic search engine, is not a doctor.untitled (3)

There have been instances when people have walked to me saying that ‘Google says this medication is better than that’.

Mind you friends, google is only a search engine. It cannot tell you what is better and what is not. all it can give you is information regarding the medications in concern but it cannot tell you which one will heal you and which will be harmful. For this interpretation, you will always need a doctor.

God took a million years to make man.

Do you think it would be appropriate to say that a search engine knows man and disease better than man himself?

It takes decades to learn the details of workings of a single system of the human body.

Do you think that Google, which was born much later than the art of medicine, knows more of medicine than the medical man?

If your answer is a yes, its a pity; not on you though, no, but on the poor humans who spend half of their lives trying to learn something so intricate and apply the same to the benefit of man-kind.

Thus, I humbly request you to think twice before you refer to the results of a search engine and I hope that even if you do, you will not throw it in the face of  doctor.

We are not Gods…

But… we are not search engines either.