Pensive of Karma

Bit by bit, it fills,
Deed by deed it fills,
Your pensive,
Your pensive of Karma.
A little tilt here,
A little tilt there,
It floats,
Balancing itself.
Weighing positive at times,
Weighing negative, mostly,
It sways,
Your pensive of Karma.
You will have to answer,
Oh yes you will,
If you can’t keep it still,
Your pensive of Karma.



On The Day of Judgement

On the day of Judgement,
The truth was spoken,
It was so harsh,
It left hearts broken.

Beyond one’s imagination
Came what was heard,
And after that
People were left with no words.

The injustice on the planet
Was all being revealed,
The corruption that prevailed
The truth no one believed.

The poverty, the dirt,
The hatred, the fear,
Had gripped the survivors
And for them were left, only tears.

On the day of Judgement,
Happiness was not addressed,
Because it was like a witch
In a princess’s dress.

It made people wonder
How could this happen,
But the people behaved,
Like stone struck lanterns.

The fear of the truth,
Made the people run.
Because it was written
That they would not see the sun.

Looking at the chaos,
Came a voice from Heaven
And exclaimed,
“Oh, My dear children”

“For you I have a trade
I have shared with none,
Leave all your worries,
And live like one.”
“I am not here to punish you,
But to teach you a lesson,
If you don’t learn it,
You will build your own prison.”

“Listen to Me, My children,
Forget all your grief,
And you will see the sun
Shining brighter than your belief.”

“ I am here to protect you,
If you have faith in Me,
Because you are My children,
And how can the cries of the child, the parent see?”

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Impatient as I was

Too persistent to make you understand

You took, as brutal

It was my last stand.

Now I sit in anticipation

And wonder if ever

Will you come back

Will life get back on track

Waiting for eternity,

Moving ahead in time,

The tears might dry,

But the scars will remain.

And again, I shed a tear

I wince in pain

I pray those days

Would come again.





Stairway to heaven

untitled (21).png

With shaky legs and a thumping heart,

I stand,

I stand at the stairway to heaven.

My days have passed,

So soon, so fast,

I wait at the bottom, of the stairway to heaven.

Slowly, I climb, I see the light,

I fade, then I glow,

On the stairway to heaven.

A few hundred steps, illuminated, divine,

One at a time, I grow,

On the stairway to heaven.

Minutes, days, lives have passed,

For heaven isn’t for all,

I keep going forward,

On this stairway to heaven.

A time will come, when I shall reach,

Reach my heaven, and merge,

Merge with the light,

And look down at my journey,

On the stairway to heaven.


Yes, she has changed

Yes, she has changed,

Every bit and part of her…


Her skin shines now,

Her eyes glisten,

A smile lives on her lips,

She fears no pain.

Her hair is longer,

Her nose, pierced,

Her hips much slender,

Her touch, still tender.


Not that she has forgotten,

But she has forgiven the past,

For she has now realised,

Forever nothing lasts.


Her lovely heart now breathes,

When she looks at her man,

Her soul has new desires,

Her love has new plans.



Has morning arrived?

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Flying high in the sky,

With the breeze blowing my hair,

And birds all around

Below, the evergreen trees.


Passing through the forest

I see a blue river,

The water flowing hurriedly

Like a very strong shiver.


I see a deer, drinking water,

With his little one,

While the other animals

Were having a lot of fun.


Then came the end of woods

And I saw the calm sea,

With the seagulls dancing above

And the little fish flee.


Far across the sea,

I see a sky scraper,

Going it that direction

The image becomes sharper.


On the coast of the sea,

I see a couple of people,

A few performing Yoga,

And a few breathing deeper.


The Earth so wide,

With vehicles on her body,

Yes, morning had arrived

And so woke everybody.


Above myself, I saw a cloud,

A cloud so dark,

It wasn’t monsoon,

But came from a factory of lark.


The city so calm,

It looked at night,

But during the day,

It gave me a fright.


In the transition of my flight,

I see such different sights,

In confusion I remark,

Has the morning really arrived???