Incidence no. 2

Again, it was a mid summer afternoon and I was travelling home from work.

I was waiting at the railway station for my train to arrive. There was no one else with me to board the train. I got in my compartment and was looking for a place to sit. t was all empty, so I had ample of choices.

And then, my head turned left. There she was. Sitting at the window and smiling at me.

Her eyes we jet black like coal.

Her face was white as milk.

Her lips we blood red.

Her hair all messed up.

And she was staring at me. A daunting stare. It was pulling me towards her.

I don’t know why but I turned left, I sat next to her.

It is an old myth that ghosts have inverted feet, so I tried to glimpse of her feet. But they were covered, with her sari.

I avoided her gaze all the way, and I prayed that someone else please board the train.

But no one did. For two long stations, no one did. Neither in my compartment, nor in the adjacent ones.

Finally, she stood up and walked towards the doors. And she turned around, looked at me again with a wicked smile on her face. My heart raced at a speed of 200beats/minute.

The trained stopped at the station. The third station. She got off.

2 other people got in.



It happened a few weeks back when I was on a trip, in relation to my work, to this North Indian state of Chandigarh which is where I got introduced to the diversity in and around me.

I basically belong to the city of Mumbai, a place known for its humid weather. So when I got off at the airport of Chandigarh, I received rather a cold welcome from the blowing winds. It calmed my soul, to an extent. (You can imagine the relief I felt, if only you have experienced living in my mother city, and bare you, it is summer!)

This is difference number 1.

Number 2, food. (Because I love eating!!!)

Living in a metro, I am well aware of the various kind of cuisines that are available in the world, but as the say, the authenticity of the dish is tasted only in the place from where it belongs. And so I did. Such a difference! Oh my God! I just couldn’t stop licking my fingers. (Using a spoon is, my friend, a sin)

People, yes, that’s my number 3.

Not so warm, but not so cold either. Let’s just leave it to the fact that I had a few experiences in support of my statement. The city sleeps too early. At 11 in the night it is difficult to find a place to fill you tummies. Mumbai, on the other hand, probably wakes up at 11. However, one thing is for sure, the population in Chandigarh is less than half of that of Mumbai.

Last but not the least, architecture, the planning and it’s execution.

I wouldn’t lie, I have been to a few placing in and around the country but I was impressed by the way in which someone actually put in so much effect to build a city, so well balanced and beautiful. Everything in Chandigarh is so well organised, the houses, the offices, the roads, the gardens too. I can only sigh in excitement. So dense, yet so sparse, the work of an ingenious mind.


Note: Well, this is not to offend the citizens from Mumbai, I love my mother city but I am humble enough to appreciate the beauty and hard work put into the construction of this wonderful city.


Now coming to the point,

Each and every grain of soil is different from the other. All we see today is the bigger picture and we forget that it is these various small pictures that make up the big one.

Our world has always been diverse, since the big bang itself and we are all a part of this amazing diversity.