Are you seeing someone?

Let the sky be painted in pink and blue,

Let the emotions flow,

Let’s speak the truth.

As annoying as the question may seem, it needs to be dealt with, once and for all.

Yes, I am seeing someone and that someone is Me.

And then you will be judged for you spoke the unspoken.

With somber eyes and numbed desires,

Let love take you higher.

That’s not the case always.

Once they loved, once they cared.

Once there was nothing, but peace everywhere.

There will come a day when you will fall in love, so unconditional, so divine that it will make you uncomfortable.

And you will try with all your heart to nourish it and flourish it, for which you will work very hard, make sacrifices, be a fool.

But not everyone will be able to bear the weight of your love.

And not everyone will appreciate the efforts.

And you will be taken for granted.

And soon you will have nothing new to offer, because you already gave it all.

And then your someone will find someone new, for it is the human nature to be attracted to the better.

Not everybody has the strength to nurture the good towards the better.

And then you will wonder, “Where did I go wrong?”, when you didn’t.

The fights of the thoughts,

The turmoil, the chaos.

And then will come calm. So beautiful. So fierce. And you will learn to nurture yourself, with all your love.

And one you are ready, nutured and complete, you will find that someone, nutured and complete, and you will complement each other and all that had happened will stop mattering, once and for all.

Alas! See yourself, before you see someone.



With sparkles in her eyes

And a smile on her lips

There she goes


With a somber heart

And a peaceful sorrow

There she goes

There’s no tomorrow.

A scream in the mind

An etch in the soul

There she goes

To a home so old.

The breeze in her hair

The bounce in her walks

There she goes

Where no one talks.

Before you label them ‘dumb’…

We, the so-called achievers, often have the habit of looking down on people who haven’t achieved what we have. And why?

The ego.
The arrogance.
The self-esteem.
The superiority complex.
The farce.

I once had a colleague, sweet and charming. But ‘an underachiever’.

Such a wrong terminology, but yes.

One fine day, he asked me to help him with his homework and I obliged because, upbringing.

He looked at me with sad eyes and I was intrigued as to what was wrong, why was he so sad? His dad was a big business man. They had a lot of money. After all, all he was going to do was join his dad in his business. I would’ve been more than happy if I had had all that! What more did he want?!

He wanted to achieve. Not just a good score, a good degree but a name for himself.

But he had one problem. And he did not hesitate to share.

He said, “You are lucky. You grasp things very fast. I have seen you play with your friends all the time and yet, you secure good marks.”

To which I said, “Thanks. But I am sure if you try a little more, you’d be able to reach there too.”

With somber eyes and a gentle tear, he said, “I study for 4-5 hours a day. My mother teaches me. I take coaching too. But I just cannot remember things, because I have this one problem, dyslexia.”

I didn’t know what to say.

The silence said it all.

One must never judge a person but what you see on the surface. Surely, there is a reason behind everything a person does and says. Just because you have a degree or the money or whatever it is that you desire and someone else doesn’t, does not mean that that person never tried.

Everybody has difficulties in life, in some form or the other. Understand them before labelling someone with something that they are not.

This boy was not dumb, but was different. He could not get a great degree, but he worked had and completed his basic education. Today, he is a successful businessman. Today, he owns a big firm, in his name. How does one call him ‘an underachiever’?

Incidence no. 16

It’s been a few nights since I have been waking up in the middle of the night, usually around 2 and 4, for absolute no reason. And as habit guides, obviously one has to visit the restroom and drink water. 

Everytime I enter the kitchen, I hear a howl followed by a shrill cry. And then, the dogs start barking. And it is scary! 

Every night. 


Who are you and who am I?

A mere body, a soul in disguise.

The clouds and the rain,

The fear and the pain.

The rainbow in the sky,

The relief in every sigh.

The pebble and the stone,

The queen and the drone.

The sun and moon,

A little late but yet soon.

The dream and the desire,

Something earthly but higher.

Trust me, I don’t remember you…

Nothing changes in a day to day basis, but when you look back everything has changed.
The once very careful you who has now least bothered about everything. Like, you’ve finally made up with life, accepted it the way it is. 

The once curious you who is now not interested whatsoever. Like, you’ve learnt all the lessons in life.

The once always smiling who has now turned into a sarcastic retard, not bothered about what people understand anymore.

The once you who is not you anymore.